If you have a business or you are about to start one, remember that e-commerce is the best option. If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you 12 reasons to dabble in it.

But before that, for those who are not familiar with the term eCommerce, I will give you a short description:

“It is the easiest method of buying and selling products or services through the Internet. It is very easy for customers to access since they can do it from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

Now, if e-commerce has already caught your attention, let’s start with the reasons that, I am sure, will convince you to set sail on this new adventure.

  1. The scope is greater
    With eCommerce, your limits are lower, so your service or product can be exhibited all over the world, and if having local reach is good for your brand, imagine how much global reach can position you!
  2. You don’t need to have a location
    You do not need physical spaces for your business or store, remember that the difference between traditional and eCommerce is that in the latter, customers do not need to be physically in your store, so they will not spend on transportation to visit you, this is one great advantage since you will save on administration costs.

Of course, think about investing in a good platform to make yourself known in the virtual world, for this you can also consult eCommerce platforms to build your online store, you will see that it is very easy to use them and you will not be alone, you have great experts who they have made successful businesses with these platforms.

  1. The market is booming
    Currently, 80% of the population on the internet demonstrates a potential online shopping behavior according to GlobalWEbIndex. Thus, e-commerce all around the world has increased and has boomed thanks to the penetration of technology, which breaks down the barriers between offline or traditional marketing and thus increases online.
  2. Products can be more customized
    Today customers are looking for more than just the product, e-commerce helps them choose exactly what they are looking for, and the attributes of products can be improved by customizing them. The more personalized your product, the better your advantage over the competition.
    According to these four reasons now you know eCommerce is trending even more in this pandemic situation, you can do it from anywhere
  1. The purchase time is less
    With eCommerce the purchase is just one click away, by doing so virtually the times are cut, either from your mobile device, your electronic tablet or computer; Customers have impressive search power as well as speed, because the faster the purchase, the more satisfied customers you will have.
  2. There is flexibility in payments
    Over time, more and more systems have been increased to make an online purchase, electronic commerce has payments from credit card, payments in convenience stores such as Oxxo, bank deposits, among others.

I am sure that more payment methods will continue to emerge that will make this activity easier and easier.

So do not worry, now there are more security systems that make it almost impossible for fraud to be committed online, if you have any questions about this you can review this note on control and good practices to avoid fraud in online commerce .

  1. You can sell from mobile applications
    To buy online today you do not exclusively need a computer, as there are already multiple ways to access these platforms, including smartphones.

On average one of every 3 purchases comes from one of them, remember that the practicality of these purchases increases sales and improves the shopping experience of your customers. Feel free to create your own application or use the ones that already exist.

  1. Product delivery is fast
    One of the most important aspects is the delivery of your product or service. For this, you need to have a good logistics strategy, nowadays there are many parcel companies that you can use to get them, remember that the faster the delivery, the better attributes your company will have, in addition to that the customers will be happy.
  2. You will have an advantage over your competition
    This point is the most important, the difference between you and the competition will be that your company will be better positioned, you will be the one with the fastest access, the one with the best payments and the one with the most happy customers.

Remember, good news travels fast, your customers will not stop recommending you. Nowadays, having a business that works online for the mere fact of having it is already an advantage.

  1. You can run and monitor the project
    Most e-commerce platforms have a desktop that displays your business performance statistics automatically. Some allow you to do customization to have a clear idea of ​​what you are doing right or wrong and how to act accordingly.
  2. No more middlemen
    One of the characteristics of electronic commerce is that this type of business is successful because there are no intermediaries or several distribution channels between the manufacturer and the customer, the profits from your product and / or service are for you.

In addition, in this case the gaps are shortened thanks to technology, communication flows and there is true feedback.

  1. You make your products known with broader promotions
    Because operating costs in general are less high than a physical store, when you have a virtual store your budget is more flexible so it is much easier to include promotions, discounts or organize contests.

Of course, not everything is perfect and it is important to say that many people doubt when buying in a virtual store because they cannot feel the quality of the products, so your task is to convince your audience that this is not the case, this is when Your creativity and strategy must come out to convince them.

Sometimes it is not only enough to show them with photos and videos you can also use free tests or samples and even free home delivery, once they know you and your products, but the rest also comes alone.
If you still have doubts about venturing into eCommerce, you can review the article, get motivated and start digital marketing, in it you can deny any hesitation you have about this form of commerce that has grown significantly in recent years. Do not be afraid of change and learn to take advantage of it, you will see that you will have great results.

Do you know other advantages of eCommerce? Please share your thoughts below.

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