Textile B2B eCommerce Trends

eCommerce is becoming more and more professional including in the fashion industry.Obviously B2B e-commerce is growing. Over 90% of B2B buyers now want to be able to order online. And B2B players are increasingly trying to meet these expectations despite the limitations. Indeed, companies know that starting B2B e-commerce is entering a new phase of digital transformation.

It requires a different and specific buying approach. But such a rich and promising opportunity should not be missed! In 2020, B2B e-commerce exploded, as did B2C e-commerce. And this is due in particular to Covid-19.
eCommerce positioned itself as a true alternative to doing business when stores are closed and travel is limited.

In 2021, e-commerce sales in BtoB will have an even greater impact on global trade. This development results primarily from the awareness of companies to engage into a specific digital transformation. There is also an increase achieved thanks to the evolution of the positioning of the largest market software editors who witnessed the development of solutions dedicated to trade between professionals, but also the development of BtoB functionalities on historically BtoC solutions.

The BtoB e-commerce benefits everyone
On the buyers’ side, the e-commerce platform allows them to find the products they are looking for at any time, as well as all their features and prices. They also have real-time access to available stock status. In addition, they use advanced search options to find what’s right for them quickly and easily. Thus, they save valuable time and have a personalized experience that they especially value. On the other hand, BtoB e-commerce is also a response to the increasing need for professional buyers to be independent in their purchases or at least forwards parts of the purchasing path.

For sellers, e-commerce BtoB provides an additional, simple and effective leverage to take over. This allows companies to both improve the overall performance of the company and take advantage of new opportunities.
It is easy to offer personalized catalogs and organize promotional campaigns on the Internet. This gives the sales teams more time.
This allows them to concentrate more on tasks with higher added value. Today, success in the market requires a so-called customer-oriented approach. It means an approach where customer service comes first.
For their part, BtoB buyers now want to be able to shop online on their own!

It is even more in 2021. Happy B2B eCommerce Business.

Sisikone eCommerce Team

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