In a difficult economic context that faced with a multi-screen and hyper-connected world, the fashion industry, which had long been reluctant, has finally turned to digital.

And more than ever, it seems difficult to develop a marketing strategy without giving pride of place to video.

After having been perceived as an optional option, brands are starting to see day after day that video represents today a space to be integrated urgently and this is well proven by the figures: 77% of consumers say that watching of a video has already triggered a purchase decision.

  1. Video an essential marketing tool
    Video has become an essential marketing tool as it allows brands to have measurable results in return. In 2018, more than 60% of brands have already used video in their Social Media strategy and all have achieved significant results.

Indeed, 76.5% of them claim to have had a positive impact on their ROI and 73% of them are even ready to increase their budgets dedicated to this format.

Brands are achieving positive results in terms of engagement, especially with Facebook, which has an average engagement rate of 12.62%.

Growing usage leads experts to claim that video will account for 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

  1. Video a format widely adopted in the fashion industry
    Video is an increasingly popular format for fashion brands and the numbers prove how effective it is: Online shoppers are 64% more likely to buy a product online after seeing a video on it. this.

Attracting consumers online and building brand loyalty are important challenges in fashion and brands face a saturated market with a modern shopper who expects a qualitative brand experience in all circumstances as the report states. 2018 “The State of Fashion” by BoF and McKinsey & Company.

Proximity and trust thanks to video
This type of content said to be snackable and organized helps to attract and maintain the attention and even arouse the curiosity of potential customers sometimes even before they go to the site through “teasers” unveiling new products which creates certain proximity and establish a bond of trust with the brand.

It is a powerful tool for seducing, informing and entertaining users and will therefore ultimately increase the chances of converting a simple Internet user into an effective buyer by offering a presentation of the product by highlighting its consistency with the lifestyle that the potential buyer aspires to.

Democratization and diversification of video broadcasting
Video in all its forms, long, short, or even micro broadcast live or delayed is flooding the web and social networks.

The phenomenon is set to continue, to accelerate but above all to renew itself thanks to the democratization of live broadcasting and 360 ° immersive technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality.

The buzz is not an end
Fashion brands have understood that the buzz is not an end in itself and that beyond impressions, it is necessary to be interested in the time spent and the interactions generated.

We must admit that the keyword is indeed commitment, associated with data know-how to analyze it.

Fashion Brands, Take Control of Your Video Strategy Now! 🙂

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