Booking online is a real timesaver.

As a typical millennial, I appreciate when companies use technology that makes life simpler. In all cases, I prefer the simplest way to get a product or a service. I’m used to buying whatever I need in one click. So why should booking an appointment at my hairdresser’s be more complicated?

If you offer services, your older customers are used to calling, emailing, or sending pigeons to you — on the condition that they love your company. But for new visitors, it might be a source of stress, or simply a waste of time. They can check out another website instead.

Let’s see if your business needs a booking upgrade. Even if you don’t do services, with online booking it’s much easier to start offering them.

Why Booking Online Is Important?
Is booking online so drastically different from accepting calls? On the surface, it might seem that the difference is negligible. But in fact, you get much more from booking online, both as a customer and as a business owner.

With so many advantages of booking online, events can become your new favorite thing to sell.

What Services Can I Offer for Booking Online?
Basically, everything you already offer by phone will work. Online booking is perfect for:

House cleaners
Gardening services
Handyman services
Interior decorators
Rental services, etc.

If you have never offered services in your online store, there are some ideas on how to add one, based on your product idea.

You can hold different events, from helpful classes and workshops to fun parties. All that helps to establish your brand, attract people, and involve them in your company life — and to earn more.

Here are just a few examples of how services complement products.

Rethink your niche, and you might find more opportunities to sell.

It doesn’t mean you can only earn from services directly, though. Throwing a free party in your store neighbourhood won’t make you money from tickets. But it can increase awareness about your products, and people might want to buy them when they come.

It also doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. Just think a little bit outside of the box.

If you want to discover more, contact us directly.

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