What is branding?

Before starting, we must clarify certain basic concepts, so that we do not get confused in the process. Starting with, what is branding? The answer is very simple, branding, it is nothing more and nothing less than the process of creating or building a brand. That is, they are all the guidelines that you must take in the creative process of creating the brand.

With this in mind, we can continue with the steps that you must take into account to create a good brand, which will bring greater benefits to your company.

Steps to create your brand

1 – Have the objectives of the brand defined
Before starting any project, it is vitally important to be clear from the beginning, what you want to achieve with it, the direction you want to take, the reason for the brand being, you cannot create a brand without be clear about the objective of it. For this part of branding to be key, you must be clear about your goals as a brand.

All these aspects must be taken into consideration when defining the objectives of the brand, otherwise, you will not be able to advance further. This is why, without a doubt, this is the first step to take into account to create your brand.

2 – Investigate the market in which the brand will be
It is of utmost importance because you will see in which market your brand will move. Here you will see aspects such as the advantages and disadvantages of the geographical area, the competitors that your brand will have, and your future clients’ tastes. This point, if done well, is of great help, because at the moment of launching your brand to the public, you will already have the market research carried out previously to know how to reach the ears of your future clients.

3 – Be clear about the brand’s target audience
Once we are clear about the objectives of the brand, such as the market where it will move, it is important to know who your brand will be destined for. Your target audience will be the one, to whom you will focus your marketing campaigns to attract their attention, that is why the previous point of market research is very important, without it, this point cannot be carried out in the best way, since You need context, analysis, research, to be able to define well and segment your target audience.

4 – Define the brand
This involves the raison d’être of the brand, what the brand intends to achieve, what products the brand will offer so that they are useful to customers. This aspect aims to make future customers have a sense of belonging to the brand and generate a relationship that makes customers identify with the brand.

5 – Creation of brand identity
To get the previous point to gain strength, this next aspect is important: creating the company logo and slogan. To get customers to identify with the brand, it is important to make a slogan that synthesizes the objective of the brand, that explains in the shortest possible way what it is intended to become but that is also catchy or that can be associated easily. In turn, this is accompanied by the brand logo, which must be striking, attractive and precise.

6 – Authenticity of your brand
Do not try to copy other brands, be yourself, what worked with those brands will not work with yours, that is why it is important to have an authenticity of the brand, not to try to be the copy of another. Take advantage of your status as a “new brand” to show something original and attract more public interested in new options.

7 – Define the personality of the brand
This refers to the mission, vision and values ​​of the brand. That is, the business responsibility that your brand will take. The vision consists of explaining that you would like to be, as a brand, what you plan to achieve in the future. The mission is more focused on the reason for being of the brand, why? And for what? Of the brand. Finally, the values ​​are what define the brand, these can be, trust, responsibility, dedication, honesty, among others.

8 – Credibility and prestige of the brand
The credibility and prestige of your brand is what will make a difference compared to other brands, you must create credibility and prestige in your future clients. Since, a brand whose prestige is not very good, will not be preferred by people. The public is always looking for brands whose credibility is excellent since they associate credibility with a good product and / or service from the brand, which is why it must have a good reputation in the eyes of people. For this to bear fruit, it is necessary to make use of networking.

9 – Form a network of collaborators or networking
As we mentioned in the previous point, networking will help you not only to generate credibility and prestige for the brand, but it will also help you to form business relationships with other people or entities that decide to collaborate on your project. One cannot create a brand without the help of others, it is necessary to have the support of others with experience in the field, who can be useful for the creation of your brand.

10 – Creation of brand communication channels
Finally, having defined all of the above, it is important to create media or communication channels for the brand. By this we mean the creation of the brand’s website and its social networks. Today when the internet is in full swing, it is necessary to get the most out of it, use it as a space to advertise your brand, social networks are the perfect example for that, with them it is no longer necessary to pay for advertisements on radio or television, Right there you can publicize your brand, even reaching more people. Your brand’s website is also important, where interested people can observe and buy the products that have caught their attention the most.

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