YAEL TEITLER was born and raised in Israel, a love story brought her to live in Switzerland. Her past career was in sales, later in the banking sector then turned after retirement to her passion – painting.
She is passionate about living life with positive vibes and energy. These days she is exactly one year on retirement and full-time working on her own business. As she said: “In this past year I planned to travel around the world and enjoy my retirement but the pandemic has changed my plans. The negativity and sad fact that I could not do the things I like, travel, events or meet friends turned my passion for paintings to full-time occupations”. I started a journey based on my previous experience and new technology. I have nowadays my own website, e-commerce, and I created three exhibitions.

Let’s interview this ambitious and passionate lady about her successful, fast-growing business.

What’s the inspiration for you?
You can be inspired by anything. inspirations from the daily situations, feeling, person, animal, or nature. One of my latest paintings reflects 5 bottles. I was painting at home and just realized a story of 5 men. My intuition changed these bottles to 5 people at my sister’s home. Sometimes creativity brings us to spaces and places we can be at the present time.

How would you describe your style?
I do not have one significant style. It’s colorful and reflects my mood full of positivity. I didn’t go to any art school when I was younger.
Last year I just started visiting every week, the Art school of Liechtenstein. I am learning and trying different techniques.
This is my advantage because I have my own style that can’t be compared to other artists. I am a curious person and I like to change and try different styles and techniques.

Your paintings are very colorful, Which color do you like the most?
I do not have any. I love all of them. But if you ask me about my energy, I am like a fire so – red reflects my active lifestyle/Energy.

What forced you to do e-commerce business? You could be just selling your paintings.
I know all these online shops – small and big shops like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba.
I wanted to move forward with my business, make it available for anybody, get global visibility and be able to sell my art and other articles. As an example, art is everything you see. People can afford a towel or pillow instead of buying expensive paintings. This was my idea in the beginning and you helped me with it.

What’s our preferred article you are selling?
On my eCommerce yaelteitler.com top-selling articles are towels, bags, pillows and my paintings on paper or Canvas. People like these colors and vibes so I have great feedback on it. All is sustainable fashion so we think about the planet.

Do you see yourself from a sales perspective? Many artists can’t sell their artworks. Personally, I think you are perfect in what you are doing?
Yes, sure. I am a salesperson. In the past, I used to work in sales. I have a good instinct and empathy for people. When somebody wanted to buy something but she/he didn’t know I helped them with it. I have a sense for it. From my past, I always worked with fashion and art. I started by painting on silk.
In this case for sales, the best choice is eCommerce. People can afford what they want and I fulfill their dreams.

What is your future ambition?
I want to grow globally and learn with your help to make it happen.
Let everyone has one piece of my painting or a product based on my Painting.

Your quote of life?
“Enjoy every day at the maximum.” Live the moment, experiment, try new things and let go of what does not fulfill you. We do not know tomorrow. We have to do it now. I suggest going forward, be positive, life is short.

Work hard, play hard. Trust yourself.

Do you follow this every day?
I do in every situation the best out of it.

Can you share any recommendations for artists that have no confidence?
you should not be afraid to make mistakes. What can’t happen? Go ahead, with no worries. Be Curious… always move forward.

Yael is an example that age and any situation in our lives can not influence our passions and desires. Start now your ecommerce journey with Sisikone’s help.

Find out more: www.yaelteitler.ch www.yaelteitler.com

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